Attendance Policies

Our teacher’s schedules are extremely demanding, and they incur expenses to maintain the schedules they have set. Uncanceled lessons will not be made up. If the lesson is canceled by the teacher, an alternative time will be found or the lesson will be rescheduled during the make-up week. If you arrive late to your lesson, the missed portion will not be made up.

In case of illness, call your individual lesson teacher immediately. There is only one week for make-up lessons at the end of each semester, which means that you may not be able to make up all lessons that were missed. Make up lessons will not be carried over into the next semester.

To clarify this policy:

  • Uncanceled lessons will not be made up! Parents are responsible for communicating absences in advance to their child’s teacher.
  • Under certain circumstances, if the teacher must cancel your lesson, it will be rescheduled as soon as possible.
  • Arriving late to your lesson shortens your lesson time.

The following reasons may not be excused:

  • Dentist/Orthodontist appointments
  • Birthday parties
  • Organized sports
  • Family vacations
  • Other social functions

Policy on Illness

If your child is ill, please do not bring him/her to group classes or individual lessons.  When calling your child’s academic school to report an absence, call your individual lesson teacher to cancel the lesson.  If your child misses school because of illness, then he/she should not attend the music lesson either.  Please call the appropriate teacher either to cancel the individual lesson or indicate that your child will not be attending group classes. Teacher’s home numbers are listed in the Suzuki handbook; DO NOT call the school.  Messages left on the school answering machine will not be forwarded to your teacher.

To help prevent the spread of germs, anyone using the school’s pianos should use the anti-bacterial gel located in each music room.

Severe Weather

In the event of severe weather, the Suzuki Music School will be announced on Facebook as well as on all major radio and television stations. If severe weather is sudden, we will leave a message on the Suzuki Music School answering machine.  An email will be sent to families.

Snow days and other cancellations (e.g., a canceled individual lesson due to illness) will be made up during the last week of each semester. See the school calendar for specific dates.

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